Aftermarket Parts: Big on Savings Without Sacrificing Performance and Quality

Aftermarket Parts: Big on Savings Without Sacrificing Performance and Quality

Aftermarket Parts: Big on Savings Without Sacrificing Performance and Quality

The Difference Between a Full Tilt Performance Engine Manifold and OEM

Think you need to stay loyal to OEM engine manifold and other diesel parts for optimum truck performance and horsepower? Think again.

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What if you could give your truck the power it deserves without breaking the bank?

Most car lovers end up throwing countless dollars at the OEM engine manifold and other traditional diesel parts. However, aftermarket parts provide an alternative that saves money without sacrificing power.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn all the juicy secrets!

What Are Aftermarket Parts?

We’ve put together a solid guide for how aftermarket parts will change how you look at tricking out your truck. First, though, we need to establish exactly what aftermarket parts really are.

Most people focus on OEM parts. And OEM is an acronym that simply means “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” This means you are getting parts directly from the company that made your truck.

Aftermarket parts are basically parts made by anybody else. This is when third-party manufacturers make the exact same parts instead of the manufacturer.

Some people swear by using only OEM parts. However, those who are willing to try aftermarket parts can enjoy several really big advantages.

By Any Other Name

One of the reasons some drivers shy away from aftermarket parts is their love of quality. Specifically, they are worried that non-OEM parts are going to be of lower quality.

This is simply not the case. And in some instances, the parts may literally be the same thing!

For example, the truck manufacturer often gets third parties to make many of the parts inside your vehicle. So, the idea of a vehicle being entirely OEM is typically incorrect to begin with.

Also, many aftermarket parts are the exact same as an OEM part but with a different name. And a quality part is a quality part, so why not choose the option that saves you time?

Saves Time

It’s not hard to understand how aftermarket parts can save you a lot of time. It comes down to simple supply and demand.

When you go through a dealership, you only have one possible vendor for the part you need. And if they are out of stock, then you may end up waiting a long time to get the part you need.

With aftermarket parts, there will be multiple vendors selling the part you need. That means that you can take the part home today instead of waiting days or even weeks.

Lots of Options

There are other advantages to multiple vendors than just saving time. For example, you’ll have many options you were not expecting.

With an OEM part, the part is designed to do one thing and one thing only. The manufacturer sees your truck as a puzzle that was only ever meant to be assembled one way.

Aftermarket manufacturers, however, see your truck as an experiment. They are always trying to find new things that can add to the performance and aesthetics of your ride.

Sure, not every option is going to tickle your fancy. But wouldn’t you rather have more options when it comes to tricking out your ride?

Saves Money

Saving time is already a big enough deal on its own. But did you know that aftermarket parts can also help you to save money?

This is basically capitalism 101. When it comes to OEM parts, the price is set by a single manufacturer, meaning that you have no wiggle room on the overall cost.

With aftermarket parts, you have many vendors who are competing for your money. And when pricing is competitive, the consumer wins each time.

Even if the OEM part is not overpriced, it’s worth shopping around the aftermarket. Otherwise, you’ll have no way of knowing whether you ended up paying too much.

Higher Quality

From a quality standpoint, most consumers are happy if aftermarket parts are as good as OEM parts. But did you know that the aftermarket parts can sometimes improve on the original design?

For example, someone may take an original OEM engine manifold design and improve on it. They might add smoother angles, tighter joints, and higher-quality materials.

The end result is a part that is much better than the original. And by putting these quality parts into your truck, you end up with a ride that is better than ever.

The Warranty Myth

The one downside of using aftermarket parts is that you don’t get the warranty of an OEM part. However, these warranties typically aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

Sure, it’s good to know that someone will replace a bad part. But wouldn’t it be better if they weren’t selling bad parts to begin with?

Aftermarket parts allow you to save money as soon as you make a purchase. And you often end up with better parts that are less likely to be faulty or need to be quickly replaced.

On top of that, you get the part much quicker. And we’d prefer to save time and money and get a better part than settle for a lukewarm OEM warranty!

Getting Personal

So far, we’ve focused a lot on how aftermarket parts can save you time and money. But they do something else we can’t put a price tag on: they make driving feel personal again.

Most of us grew up with fellow “car guys,” and a lot of the fun of buying parts was “talking shop.” However, the manufacturer rarely wants to talk shop with you: they want you to take the part you ordered and get out.

Aftermarket stores, however, are run by the people who love the same things about trucks than you do. Not only will they cut you a deal, but they will help you discover parts and upgrades you never knew you needed!

At the end of the day, we know you love your truck. And we think you should get parts for it from people who share that love.

Aftermarket Engine Manifold: The Bottom Line

Now you know the benefit of getting an aftermarket engine manifold and other parts. But do you know where you can find the aftermarket parts you need?

We specialize in selling truck parts to those who know their vehicle inside and out. To see what we have to offer, come check out our Cummins manifolds today!