Select Full Tilt Performance Intake and Manifold Products Are CARB Approved and Available in California

Full Tilt Performance manifold products have recently received product approval from the Clean Air Agency in California. To date, all of Full Tilt’s intake manifolds and most of its exhaust manifolds have received approval from the state.

The Gold Standard

Considered the Gold Standard in assessing the environmental impacts of motor vehicles and other mobile equipment, the California Air Resources Board (CARB)* has issued Full Tilt Performance an Executive Order product approval from the state agency meaning we now have statewide clearance to sell its products in California.

Tell your Repair Shop About Full Tilt Performance

Full Tilt Performance is the premier manufacturer of American-made manifold aftermarket products for the nation’s leading Owner Operators. Founded in 2004 by a trucking family with years of driving history, we have revolutionized the industry through our unparalleled reputation for quality products. Full Tilt’s intake and exhaust manifolds are designed, engineered, and manufactured using superior materials and impeccable craftsmanship.

We Stand Behind These Benefits of Our Intake and Manifold Products:

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Longevity on the road means less downtime
  • Made with superior materials that undergo multiple inspections
  • Lower exhaust temperatures
  • Superior engineering and craftsmanship
  • Two-Year warranty on FTP Manifold (OEMs offer only One-Year)
  • Full Tilt Performance “Sets the Standard” in Product Development

$200 Rebate for Owner Operators

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We are offering a $200 rebate to Owner Operators when their Repair Shop orders your manifold directly from Full Tilt Performance.

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