Does the Manifold come in three pieces like OEM?
Does the Manifold come in three pieces like OEM?
No. We pressure fit all of our Manifolds before surfacing and shipping. We also test mount on a head to ensure proper alignment.
How is your Manifold different than OEM?
Smoother, more gradual angles, tighter joints and heavy duty materials all add up to a well-designed part that will last longer, increase fuel mileage, and unleash horsepower.
What kind of Fuel Mileage increase will I see?
On every application we have seen between .2-.3 MPG increase.
How much additional Horsepower will I get?
Detroit, Cummins, and PACCAR will normally see 20-25 Horsepower increase. Cats see 28-32 more Horsepower.
What type of Product Warranty do you have?
We cover all exhaust manifolds for two years against manufacturing defects. To review the terms of our Limited Warranty please click here.