Full Tilt

15-21 ISX Intake

FT# 47100


The Full Tilt ’11-’18 ISX Intake Manifold is a direct replacement to the factory 2250 Cummins ISX manifold, 2350 Cummins ISX manifold and Cummins X15 manifold, fitting any 2011 and newer ISX motors. The inside has been completely redesigned improving not only airflow, but velocity and distribution of clean air into the engine. Our Dyno testing on a stock truck has shown a significant cut in emissions while gaining 12-20 HP to the wheels. Our on-the-road testing has shown a strong .3-.5 MPG gain over stock with a noticeable change in engine power and responsiveness. This manifold will come painted Cummins Red, but can be ordered ceramic coated. As with all of our exhaust manifolds, all of the design, casting, and machining is done in the USA.


  • ISX 2250 Cummins Engine ’11-’15
  • ISX 2350 Cummins Engine ’15-17′
  • Cummins X15

Please call for more information on additional applications.


  • Direct Replacement
  • .3-.5 MPG gain
  • 15-25 HP Gain over stock
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Coated inside, no Carbon build up over time
  • Can be ceramic coated on exterior giving it the chrome color