Bully Dog HD Watch Dog

FT# 20001


The Watch Dog HD is a digital gauge package designed to help truck drivers. This multi-functional package contains a driving coach, as well as optional gear master software that will help drivers improve fuel economy, improve driving behavior and provide extra monitoring of truck functions.


  • Caterpillar
  • Cummins
  • Detroit
  • Mercedes

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  • Monitor up to 4 customized vehicle parameters at once
  • Read and erase your own codes
  • Adjustable top speed and cruise speed limits
  • Driving coach
  • Optional Gear Master Shift-o-Meter software
  • Monitoring capabilities include: Speed, RPM, Boost, Throttle, Load, Battery V, Coolant, Intake Temp, Oil Temp, Oil PSI, Turbo Ex. Temp, Fuel Rate, Inst. Econ, Avg. Econ, Trip Distance, Trip Fuel, Truck Pyro 1&2