Gaskets Sets

FT# 37010 – Cummins signature 600 ManifoldsFT# 37011 – All EGR ISX Manifolds


The Full Tilt reinforced graphite gaskets have a stainless steel inner eyelet that prevents exhaust blow by, increases the overall strength of the gasket, prevents high velocity erosion, and damage from shipping. The reinforced graphite has good compressibility to provide a constant seal while able to withstand high temperatures. The exhaust manifold gasket is designed so gaskets can be swapped out without completely removing the manifold. The kit includes 5 exhaust manifold gaskets. All gasket kits are secured inside a box to eliminate gasket damage that can occur from shipping ensuring quality undamaged reliable gaskets on arrival.


  • Pre-Emission ISX 600 Cummins Engines
  • ISX 03-18 Cummins Engines

Please call for more information on additional applications.


  • Higher quality gasket material
  • Fire ring creates better seal
  • Simple and easy installation